New Dining Options Arriving this Spring!

We know how important it is to have good dining options at the airport when you fly, so we’re working to bring you a fantastic new concessions area, including a restaurant and bar, which is slated to open later this spring.

Please note that during this transition period, there is no full-service restaurant operating at the airport.

complimentary-snacksComplimentary Snacks and Water

PHF is providing complimentary snacks and water for all passengers. You’ll find our snack table located in Concourse B, in front of Gate B2.


vending-bubble-aVending Options

PHF also has vending machines, located in concourse B in an alcove next to the women’s restroom, which are stocked with snacks and beverages should you want more options. The vending machines accept cash or credit cards and most items are priced between $1.50 and $3.00.


hudson-bubble-bhudson-bubble-aHudson News

Hudson News is located pre-security and is a great source for a range of snacks and beverages. Be sure you stop in before you go through security to grab a snack before you get to your gate! Beverages are not permitted through the security checkpoint, but are available in the concourse.

We greatly appreciate your patience during this time of transition, as we work to improve your experience at PHF!